Kikuyu mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki has blasted controversial content creator Andrew Kibe in a Facebook comment.

Kibe had taken it to social media claiming that Samidoh refused to visit him in Austin yet he had agreed to host him during his USA tour.

According to Kibe, Samidoh does not like hanging out with men and he would rather be hosted by a woman.

“Last year or was it this year…. I’m not sure. I asked Samidoh to come and I show him around during his weekend off when he is here for the tour. He wants to just hang out with women. Now women are fighting over him like a dildo. Samidoh you are weak."

The singer could not let it slide. He posted a comment claiming that Kibe was living at his Sugar mummy's house and he wouldn't feel comfortable leaving his work to hang out there.

"Haha hata kama ni content sometimes tumia akili. So I was to leave my work coz a lad had invited me to his cougar's house? I am a Kikuyu man, I thought tuliagree nitakuja ukipata kwako bro. Si Kwa nyumba ya mama.

The singer added it would have been impossible to  even have  a drink.

" Tungepiga aje kadrink hata."