Sue Gacambi, Kenyan Businesswoman Living in USA has left many shocked after brutally attacking Andrew Kibe on social media.

Sue Gacambi was angry at the controversial content creator for saying Samidoh loves hanging out with women. Kibe had also posted a TikTok video of Samidoh dancing with Sue Gacambi.

" Samidoh was dancing with fans Chipukeezy was also there but you just posted us to prove a point."

Sue questioned Kibe for promising to host Samidoh yet he doesn't have a house of his own. She also laughed at the idea of Kibe renting a helicopter to show the Mugithi singer around.

According to the businesswoman, Samidoh as a male artist has a right to hang out with female fans.

"Atleast Samidoh has women fighting for him. Who did you want him to hang out with? Why didn't you look for artists like Zuchu?"

In the video posted on social media, Sue claimed that Kibe was not genuine at supporting Samidoh since he did not post anything on social media to advertise the singer's show in Austin.

In conclusion she claimed that Kibe has noone by his side, no children or a partner and he is jealous of the singer who has a wife and a baby mama.