Kenyan YouTuber Hiram Kamuhunjia and his fiancee Gospel singer Grace Mwai have revealed they pray before intimacy.

Speaking during a question and answer session with Akorino celebrity couple Carey Priscilla and Benito Muriu, the two said even christians have to maintain a spark in their sex life.

"You know people don't know that physical intimacy is spiritual. So uko kwa hiyo game we always pray. Yes, you pray because you can when you are on that game unaeza jipata ball imepotea unaona, so you have to pray."

The couple however admitted that it's okay if it doesn't happen since sometimes mood , hormones and other factors may come in between.

"we also understand that in this day and era the thought of praying, to be honest, it might not always come through eh but it is okay even though it doesn't."

Hiram and Grace Mwai got engaged this year.