American Travel Blogger Julian Albino who is currently in Kenya has been Accused of failing to pay for Airbnbs which he had rented in  westlands.

According to information shared to Kenyan Blogger Edgar Obare, Julian Albino refused to pay for the Airbnb in Lemac Westlands which he also trashed in the process.

He reportedly broke a windowpane, plates and proceeded to leave without bothering to pay. He then checked into another unit in Skynest Residence .

According to pictures shared, he soiled all bedsheets, 16 of them, towels, duvets, pillows and mattress with his poop! he then broke a glass dining table and hid the broken glass under the bed.

Julian then proceeded to check out with a balance of six hundred dollars.

The owners of the Airbnb's tried to reach out and make him pay but their efforts bore no fruits. They also reported that Julian was very rude and didn't care that he had beddings soiled with his poop. He went ahead to claim that he wasn't a house cleaner.

In response Julian Albino claimed he was used to online bullying.