Kenyans have been left surprised after a viral video where a parent to a PP2 pupil went out of the way to arrange the most exquisite celebration on her son's graduation.

The parent hired Kenyan Dancer  Moya David to surprise the child with a card, flowers and chocolate and his signature dance.

Moya David also dressed up in a cartoon character costume likely to be the boy's favorite character.

After gifting the boy's friends with chocolate, Moya David then led the five-year-old to a red carpet where a white limousine decorated with blue balloons and white flowers was waiting. The boy was ushered in, and they drove off.

"His Mummy sent me to surprise her 5-year-old Boy who just graduated to Grade 1 and later he was picked up with a limousine for a treat and they made sure he didn't step on the mud This is a VVIP Surprise! That's Moya for you🥰 Message from mummy, Kiprono you have made us proud...cheers to many more graduations. We love you baby kip."

Many parents have expressed the desire to do the same for their children.

Congratulations Kiprono.