Kenyan comedian Flaqo will launch season two of his show 'Saturday Dosage' tomorrow.

The show features characters like Baba otis, Mama otis, Akoth, Bakari and Otis.

It revolves around drama in African homes and the day to day experiences and interactions between parents, children and relatives.

Nigerian actor Sam Spedy( mama ojo) also featured in some episodes.

The first season of Saturday Dosage' left fans in stitches with the following rib cracking episodes. 

Tattoos vs African parents

The genesis of problems 

Surprise gone wrong 

The Robbery part 1 &2

Drama unexpected

Nosy neighbour 

The food Thief 

Drunk Uncle Bakari 

Study partner 

Non voter 

First Flight 

Unexpected visitors

How I met your mother 

The gym instructor

Near Death anxiety

Love Letter.

The comedian also composed an official theme song for the African drama.

Flaqo fans are expecting nothing short of perfection and good laughter in the new season.