Do you believe there is someone somewhere in the world who looks exactly like you.

Eyebrows Msanii is a Kenyan musician who looks exactly like Nigerian Singer Burna Boy.

The two Musicians are a complete copy of each other from their facial features to the hairstyles.

Speaking on an interview with Kioko, he revealed that he first introduced himself as Eyebrows Msanii to his fans but they quickly outgrew the name and now everyone calls him Kenyan Burna Boy.

" It started last year, everywhere I went people called me Burna Boy, they quickly stopped calling me Eyebrows".

The musician is a big fan of Burna Boy and knows every song made by the Nigerian artist.

" I am Burna Boy's Biggest fan, I see him like a brother because when I see him, I see myself," he said in an interview with Commentator.