Mr Seed's baby mama Liz Sonia has once again pointed fingers at the musician for being a Deadbeat Father to their seven year old son Prince Faiz.

Sharing on social media, Liz Sonia said it hurts her to see her son missing school due to lack of school fees yet Mr seed is taking care of his other child.

Liz Sonia claimed that Mr seed has been ignoring her long texts and she decided to change the move and expose him to the public.

For seven years, she claimed the musician has not been taking care of his son and even when he sends money, he asks for it back the following day.

The entire time, she has been fighting hard to make sure her son has everything and covering bills that Mr Seed is meant to pay.

The 'Kovu' actress shared messages and screenshots of her conversation with Mr seed. She shared that she had given him an option of taking Junior to live with him.

She added that she had decided to leave Seed alone but when he said she was chasing clout using his name, she decided enough was enough.

Liz also asked Mr Seed's other baby mama to come out and expose him for who he is.