Priscilla Waimani as many know her has been trending on social media for her whistling talent.

The woman has become an internet sensation for her loud whistling which is usually followed by her name Priscilla Waimani.

Most of her videos include announcing where she is courageously no matter the background or venue. Her videos are recorded in Supermarket, petrol stations and even bus stops.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Priscilla said she is married and she has three children. She lives in Nakuru but she travels to neighboring counties for business.

Her children discovered her whistling and told her she can use the talent to make videos like Kenyan TikTok Queen Azziad Nasenya. They pushed her to open a TikTok account and told her to do her own original thing and avoid common TikTok challenges.

Priscilla said her whistling helps her when she is doing business in the market. Her whistling attracts customers and they buy her products easily since she loudly announces what she is selling and their prices.

Whistling is her biggest source of income. Her first whistle was in 2012 when she released her first song 'Hau uri' ( where you are). 

Her whistles are included in all her songs and she believes God decided to bless from where she was.

Her family are very supportive of her work. Her husband  is never against her videos and she receives support from neighbors as well.  Her first whistling video opened up doors she did not expect and she gained recognition from brands and even paid trips to the coast.

Priscilla Waimani is a strong woman who is not afraid of people hating on her work. She believes she will continue flying higher and her hope is to work with many brands and to motivate others to continue putting effort in their art.