Kenyan YouTuber Dee Mwango is living the dream. Dee, who describes herself as a village girl with a goal to tour the world has visited different countries and has been experiencing the lifestyle of different communities around the world.

Dee Mwango who is I am Marwa's sister is currently in Thailand, the first country she is touring in 2023 in the company of her Filipino Boyfriend Jay Bonight.

In a previous interview, Dee Mwango shared that she met her boyfriend on Instagram last year. She narrated how the two connected adding that Jay worked for the government in Phillippines as an agricultural officer.

"Since we met I have had the best adventures @jaybonight Cheers to many more mahal ❤Anyone craving for love May it locate you Ameen ❤."

Thailand has always been Dee and JB's dream country and she expressed how special it is travelling there with JB.

The two started their experience with a tour of Bangkok.

Dee who is always passionate about connecting with the locals said she loves Phillippines because the people are very kind and accommodating. She added that it would be a pleasure getting a citizenship there. She has been actively involved in projects in Filipino villages such as building a house for an elderly woman and toilets for the villagers.

In a previous interview, Dee met her mother in law and the two had a good time together.

Sharing on YouTube the couple revealed that they decided to leave everything behind  and travel together. Jay Bonight  joined his girlfriend in travelling and experiencing life in different countries.

The two have opened a couple YouTube channel and they are using the opportunity to grow and to know each other better.

Congratulations Dee and JB