Kenyan comedian Flaqo and his girlfriend Keranta have shared their pregnancy test results online.

Keranta took the test and the couple recorded the video as they shared different reactions with their fans.

In the video the couple hold a pregnancy test kit which has two red lines and indication of positive results.

Weeks Ago,Fans on social media began  speculating that Winnie Keranta is Pregnant.

This came after the couple shared a video dancing together and fans noticed she was wearing a baggy t-shirt. Others claimed they could see a baby bump when she moved her hand when dancing.

The couple however made a video and denied the pregnancy rumors.

I'm not pregnant and I'm not going to be pregnant any time soon. Please guys just stop," said Keranta.

Is there something you're not telling me?" a doubtful Flaqo asked as he suggested she pull up her t-shirt to show her belly.

The couple celebrated their third anniversary last week. The couple had fooled everyone into thinking that they were just friends.

Flaqo had denied the relationship in interviews by saying Keranta was a friend he worked with and the two were not romantically involved.