Content creator and media personality Andrew Kibe has raised Ksh 151, 968 for Kenyan content creators Nduru Man and Rex Papi.

On his YouTube channel, Kibe said that it was high time to appreciate boy child and some little cash would go a long way in motivating them.

Kibe insisted that it was unfair that when Priscilla Waimani whistled in the streets she was given a job but Nduru man was arrested for screaming.

" We men need to do these things for ourselves, there is no one out there looking out for us. Women are getting appreciated for doing the same thing but our country is resisting Men's energy."

Kibe started a campaign to raise some money for the two men and his fans on social media appreciated the idea. 

Together they raised Ksh 151, 968 which he said is an encouragement for Rex Papi and Nduru man for the good work they are doing.

Recently, Nduru Man revealed that he is battling Leukemia, cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues

Rex Papi is known for taking videos with unsuspecting Kenyans in the streets. His videos have become quite popular among his fans especially due to his serious nature and the fact that he doesn't say a word when recording the videos.

Last year, Andrew Kibe conducted a fundraiser on social media which was aimed at helping KK Mwenyewe, the comedian who is known for mimicking the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua.

Kibe stated that he teamed up with some of his friends to raise funds to clear the fee areas and support his talent. The comedian had appealed for money to pay his school fees at Kisii university.