Kenyan Tik Toker Brian Chira has left many amazed after confessing his love for media personality Andrew Kibe.

Brian Chira shared a video on his Tik Tok account where he praised Andrew Kibe for his looks and concluded by saying he wants him.

"Naitwa Chira Brian Chira, kibe, Kibe Andrew Kibe aki nimetafuta ni wewe tuu kwanza hizo beards oh my God, you are cute, weuh, Me I want you."

The Tik Toker went ahead to share that he would like to have an intimate session with Kibe adding that he has had a crush on him for a very long time.

"Me I want you ebu come to kiss these lips."

Brian Chira became an internet sensation for his demeanor while giving his witness statement of a tragic road accident in Nakuru County’s Ngata Highway in which 11 people lost their lives in December 2022.

"My name is Chira, I am called Brian Chira and I saw the whole accident. It happened that a lorry was coming up from the other side and there was a matatu. suddenly, there were cries from people around, nduru nduru, and then we came out of the…so it happened that there were two ladies out of the matatu and they were beheaded. It’s tragic," he said.

What really caught the attention of people was the way he spoke with gestures, his voice and Some wondered if he was a member of the queer community because he displayed feminine mannerisms in movement and speech.

Chira went ahead  to call on the government to build road bumps and create awareness and the video went viral.

Brian Chira is never shy of talking about his life struggles. via TikTok, he continues to tell his story everyday.

He recently revealed that he is HIV Positive. The student who is 20 years old also stated that he is finding it difficult as he is the sole caretaker of his cousins following the demise of their mother.

Andrew Kibe is yet to respond to Brian Chira and fans are eagerly waiting for what he has to say.

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