Konde Gang former signee Anjella has shown love to her former boss Harmonize by tattooing his name and Birthdate on her stomach.

Anjella shared a photo and video of the tattoo on social media revealing that it is an appreciation for the bongo Star, for leading the way.

" For my brother Harmonize Tz Mwongoza njia ❤️." She wrote.

" Harmonize 15/03/199.

Anjella, the only female signee by singer Harmonize  left his record label Konde Music in January this year.

On Instagram, Anjella shared a photo of the label's logo and briefly wrote an exit caption.

"KWAHERI @kondegang NA ASANTE🙏."

When news of Anjella leaving the label started circulating, Harmonize clarified the allegations and shared that she was leaving with no bad blood between them.

" I am here looking at some people talking about me and my sister Anjella. I don't care it is funny that when I supported her and respected her as my sister and not touching her like some artists do, nobody said anything.

He also Rubbished claims that he was demanding that she pays some money before leaving Konde gang.

"If there's anyone who's able to continue supporting her talent, it will be joy to me and that person shouldn't hesitate. Ignore rumours that claim that I am asking her for money."

Harmonize went on to narrate that he signed her when she was almost giving up and he knew the people who support him willingly would support her talent as well.

Harmonize is yet to comment on the tattoo and fans are anxious to see what he has to say about this gesture.