Wangari, the lady in a viral video of a lady crying uncontrollably outside her boyfriend's house after finding him with another woman has finally shared her story.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Wangari said she had intended on visiting her man announced since the following day was his birthday.

Her mother back home gave her some items to carry with her and she took them with her  in a sack to Kevo's house where she was to spend some few days.

The 23 Year old had no idea that her relationship of five years was about to fall apart. Upon arrival at his door, she found some ladies high heels outside and she could tell Kevo and the other lady were inside the house.

Her cries and attempts to knock the door bore no fruits and since it was already late in the night, she had nowhere to go.

Obidan Dela the man who was recording the video found her a place to spend the night and for another few days she spent the night at Obidan's house with permission from his girlfriend.

Wangari said she didn't feel the need to inform Kevo of her visit prior, because they have been together for five years and they had gotten used to each other.

She revealed that they were in a long distance relationship but it shocked her finding another woman in his house yet their relationship was supposed to be so strong.

" I visited my boyfriend and found him with his girlfriend."

After the video went viral, Kevo blocked her number and anytime she calls him with a different number, he hangs up with claims that she embarrassed him to the public and now he has to move out of the apartment.

Her big worry is that she has important documents including certificates in Kevo's house and she cannot get him to give them to her. Obidan however shared that they have reported the matter to the police and they are hopeful that Wangari will get back her documents even though her relationship with Kevo is over.

Obidan advised men against hurting women they are involved with and asked them to open up in advance instead of cheating and taking the ladies through pain, time wastage and such unbearable scenarios.