Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray is angry at content creator and media personality Andrew Kibe for criticizing her family in his recent video.

Kibe made a video shortly after Amber Ray's gender reveal party and he had quite a lot to say about her, her fiancee Rapudo and her son. 

Kibe went ahead to accuse Amber of weakening her son saying that it was unfortunate that the young man was at the gender reveal party, witnessing his mother's baby bump.

The video did not sit right with Amber Ray who felt that Kibe was going out of his way to make people feel bad for finding joy, love and happiness.

In a long post on Instagram, Amber Ray said Kibe is an old man worthy of the title Great Grandpa, but he has decided to use his talents and capabilities to make life hard for others.

Amber claimed that the reason Kibe is so hang up on the past is because he can't let go and he hates advice.

" You will never know what it means to be blessed unless you find a way to breakup with yourself, be aware of your health, let your old buddies give you advice."

The socialite added that everyone has a past and life is about raising from frequency, shame, guilt, grief and fear to acceptance, joy, peace and enlightenment.

She claimed that Kibe is a disgrace to ancestors and it is a shame that some people love his content yet all he does is insult God, women, men, children and even animals.

In conclusion, Amber warned Kibe against ever mentioning her family in his videos adding that she will make him a story if he continues with the insults.