Vera Sidika has accused fellow socialite Amber Ray of Copying her gender reveal idea.

Sharing on Instagram, Vera said she always throw the best parties and her creativity makes her stand out.

Vera Sidika revealed that her gender reveal party took place on 14th December 2022 and some celebrities low-key knew about it.

Vera also shared screenshots of her fans on social media claiming that Amber copied her.

The mother of one shared photos and videos of her gender reveal party invitations, the helicopter, the lake view and also her husband Brown Mauzo splashed Ksh 150,000 just like Kennedy Rapudo did to Amber Ray.

Last week In a question and answer session with her fans on social media, majority shared how Amber had copied her from the invitations to  lake view to the chopper.

" Clearly she has copied everything, the Lakeview, the helicopter, she copies your homework."

Some fans said Amber hates on Vera yet she copied her idea.

Vera went ahead to claim that Amber wanted to copy everything even the chopper reveal but had no idea Vera would post hers first.

Last year Amber revived her beef with Vera by saying she finds her fake and without a clean heart.

The dispute was allegedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was romantically involved with Amber a few years ago. Vera however rubbished the claims saying that Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo were strictly business partners.