Amber Ray has responded after fellow socialite Vera Sidika Called her out for copying her gender reveal idea.

Yesterday Vera Sidika revealed that her gender reveal party took place on 14th December 2022 and some celebrities low-key knew about it.

She shared that Amber Ray had a motive of throwing her party first with ideas from Vera's gender reveal to make it look like Vera was copying her instead of the other way round.

Her plan however backfired after Vera shared her video earlier than expected and her videos went viral.

Vera shared photos and videos of her gender reveal party invitations, the helicopter, the lake view and also her husband Brown Mauzo splashed Ksh 150,000 just like Kennedy Rapudo did to Amber Ray.

In response, Amber Ray said all gender reveal ideas are copied from Jenna Karvunidis who started the trend in 2008.

She said that her intentions were to enjoy her party and not to trend and trending is natural for her just like Vera made it happen indirectly.

"Let your enjoyment be their entertainment."

Amber Ray said it is actually wonderful that two Kenyan women used helicopters for their gender reveal.