Kenyan comedian David Yando popularly known as Kendrick Mulamwah has revealed that he has been celibate for two years.

In a question and answer session with his fans on social media, Mulamwah said he is not ready to date adding that he hasn't been intimate with anyone in two years.

The revelation has left his fans confused since the comedian seemed quite cosy with his 'bestie' Ruth K on valentine's day.

The two also shared videos of a romantic evening as they shared kisses and embraced each other.

On social media, they penned lovely messages for each other celebrating their journey and the love for each other. 

Mulamwah has for a long time denied being in a relationship with Ruth Wambo. The two always claim their relationship is misunderstood and they are just best friends.

This confuses their fans more since the two are always spotted together, shooting videos together and sometimes they share photos visiting each other.

Mulamwah and his baby mama Carol Sonnie parted ways in a public breakup in 2021.

The comedian claimed that carol cheated on him with another guy and went ahead to share the details on social media. 

The two had quite a fallout and had a constant back and forth on social media