Vera Sidika has responded after Amber Ray shared a long post on Instagram saying she did nothing wrong by copying a gender reveal idea.

Vera Sidika said that what's disturbing is that Amber intentionally got all the details about the reveal from Real housewives of Nairobi with the aim of making it look like Vera was copying her.

Vera accused Amber of hating the show Real housewives of Nairobi and added that Amber wanted to copy everything and share on social media before the show aired.

" I don't care about the chopper. I have flown in proper choppers, private jets for 10 years. An ordinary chopper is like a bicycle to me honestly that's why I paid for it to just fly around and reveal the gender, not be inside it coz we are used to this life."

The mother of one said Amber has friends working in the glam section of the show and she gets information fast hand. Her big question however was why Amber would claim to hate her and still stalk her.

Vera also questioned why Amber has hatred for her yet they have never interacted or even met in person.

The beef between the two socialites started in 2020 after Amber went live on Instagram and started hating on Vera publicly. This caused Vera to block Amber. Almost an year later, Amber invited her to her birthday Party which she declined.

Vera's wish is that the hatred Amber has for her finally ends so that they can continue with their normal lives.

Vera Sidika's gender reveal party took place in December 2022 while Amber's took place in March 2023. 

This is what Amber Ray shared: