Vera Sidika has responded to Amber Ray after she claimed she would give her husband a gig at her baby shower.

Amber Ray had initially called out Vera saying she is broke and she couldn't inspire her husband Brown Mauzo to look for a job.

" You claim to inspire us yet you cannot inspire your guy to get a job. Anyway I am planning my baby shower and I am willing to pay him to perform at least tuone kama talanta itakubali apate kakitu."

Amber also claimed that Vera is living a fake life and asked her to stay in her lane.

In response,  Vera Sidika said her husband would rather perform for ants and roaches than perform at Amber's baby shower.

" You and your entire village combined cannot afford to pay my husband for a show. Keep dreaming."

Vera said that Amber Ray used to parade pictures with Mauzo all over Instagram and she still couldn't manage to afford him back then. She said that Amber is depending on Kennedy Rapudo's money.

She also shared receipts and messages to prove that she paid for her own baby shower and hospital bills, dismissing claims that her friend sponsored her.

Vera accused Amber of being bitter saying she had tried so hard to be in the show 'real housewives of Nairobi' and she was disappointed when she didn't  make it to the show.