Kenyan comedian Oliver Otieno well known as YY has responded after content creator Andrew Kibe said his daughter Circe resembles Eddie Butita.

YY Comedian had shared a video of his daughter playing with Butita's phone and in the process, the mobile phone fell and the screen cracked.

The two men started a conversation about who should be responsible for the phone repair. Eddie Butita said YY should pay since his baby dropped the phone while YY said Butita should be responsible since he gave the phone to the baby and he should also try to reason with her.

Andrew Kibe shared the video on his social media platforms claiming that the baby resembles Butita so much and that he must have tricked YY.

"Looks like YY Comedian Amechezwa na Boot Eater."

While some fans supported Kibe and asked YY to do a DNA test, the proud father said Kibe was just looking for content and he cannot be mad at a joke.

"we cannot be mad and triggered by jokes….Kibe is doing what he knows best which is to entertain…Even in my jokes,I offend others and make others laugh…let’s enjoy and move….Kibe anafanya tu kazi yake."