Machachari Actor Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha has revealed why he started a family at a young age.

Speaking in an interview with Hiram Kamuhunjia, Baha said he was lonely after his mum died and he since needed that source of family, the only way was to make one.

" My mum left a big void in my life, I really needed a source of family. The family you create is fully genuine and you feel the love and comfort when around them."

Baha also said he has always loved the idea of being so close with his children and the only way he could achieve that was to minimize on the age difference.

" My parents were quite old they settled when they were around 30. I know my mum tried so hard to interact with me and I always envied the friendship level between young parents and their children."

As an artist, he said it was important for him to settle and ground himself because it would build him to become a better man instead of chasing things that are not so important in life.

The father of one said he is not married yet but he is looking forward to a wedding in the future.