Nero Company Limited CEO Anerlisa Muigai has revealed that she has been celibate for 7 months and it's the best decision she made.

The keroche breweries heiress shared a video of a lady describing how much her life has changed since she decided to go celibate.

The lady in the video said that since she decided to go celibate, her standards changed, her confidence level rose, and even the kind of people she was attracted to in the past changed. She also added that her feminine hygiene improved so much.

Reacting to the video, Anerlisa said her experience after deciding to practice celibacy is similar to that of the lady in the video.

" Seven months with no sex and still going strong. I feel better and I view everything differently now. Everything you said is exactly what I experience."

Anerlisa has had her fair share of relationship drama. Her first public relationship was with Ian Mugoya who is a former Straight Up host.

When the relationship ended, she went on to date Stephen Kungu. The Kenyan entrepreneur then dated Tanzanian musician Ben Pol.

Anerlisa had been seeing a guy called Melvin Ibrahim  since her split from Tanzanian singer Ben Pol.