Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has continued to give her view when it comes to the double standards women face in the society.

Days ago, Zari shared a message on social media asking women to cheat if it is going to benefit them since men also cheat for the most irrelevant reasons.

"Cheat for a house, cheat for a piece of land, cheat for your dream car. It is what it is."

In another post, she clarified that her intentions were not to push women to cheat but her post was to highlight the double standards women face.

"It is 2023 and women are not cheating. You are cheating because of big buttocks, why should she not cheat to get a house?"

Zari insists that women should not be judged for cheating to get what they want. Men, she says, should also forgive women who cheat, just as women forgive men who cheat.

"For the cheating one, let us apply the same energy."

In her earlier post, Zari argued that cheating isn’t just physical, but it starts with seemingly harmless actions like accepting friend requests, liking photos, and sending heart reactions to someone’s social media posts.