Media personality Andrew Kibe has revealed he is not happy after his former co-host Kamene Goro Failed to Invite Him to her wedding with DJ Bonez.

Sharing on social media, Andrew Kibe questioned why Kamene failed to send him an invite yet there was a time when the two were very close friends.

Kibe shared that he could shed tears right now seeing that he wasn't recognised yet when they were working together, he negotiated for Kamene Goro's salary.

"Mtu tulifanya kazi na ye nilienda kunegotiate salary for her, I can cry right now. Why didn't you send me a wedding invite?"

Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez tied the knot in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family including her former co-hosts Jalango and Oga Obinna.

For the longest time, Kibe has been throwing all sorts of insults at Kamene after their fallout.

In an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Kamene disclosed that after they ceased working together, they still tried to be good friends but it didn’t work out. Kibe had no respect for their friendship and she tried to reach out but all he did was attack her with insults and she was forced to block him due to his toxicity.

In a previous post, Kibe had shared that he did not approve of Kamene's relationship with DJ Bonez and he was expecting a different man. He also claimed that Kamene was showing off her new man since age was catching up.

"30 has a way of shaking women. They shake a lot when they get to 30. They go into full panic mode. This woman can go and take anything. Any taka taka from anywhere just to parade that idiot in front of people. I thought you were bringing an Otile here. What is this you are bringing? Get me a Frankie, not this nonsense."