Kenyan rapper was reportedly robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday night.

Speaking in an interview with Obidan Dela, Trio Mio said he was going home from the studio at around 1 am when some guys approached him.

They said hey to him and before he could manage to lock his car, two guys out of the three were already next to him. One had a gun and the other had a panga.

The rapper said the robbers stole two of his phones and the car keys in a terrifying experience where they had already placed the gun on him and were threatening a security officer who had attempted to help him.

" I was ready to give them everything, my shoes and clothes as long as they spared my life. They had cocked the gun and placed it on my stomach. They took my two phones and I gave them the car keys."

Trio Mio is grateful that he walked from the scene unhurt.