A video of a son hugging his mother from behind and lovingly caressing her blossom has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.

In the video which has now gone viral, fans on TikTok had challenged the son to hug his mother from behind to see her reaction.

The young man in question, approached his mother while she was busy cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Affectionately, he embraced her from behind and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. However, it was the subtle caress of his mother's breast that caused an uproar among viewers.

Some people have expressed that it is disrespectful and against African culture for men to hug their mothers from behind or even touch them in such a manner.

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Below are some comments:

"Taboos no longer exist? This is an abomination! What exactly is happening with these two?"

"My mom will send you to your maker before your appointed time, online moms."

"This is worse than treason, the actions portrayed in this video."

" Since 15 years I have never been in my mother's house. How do you get that close to your mother."

" This is sickening. You can hug your mother but not from the back. Same way she can kiss you on the head or cheeks but not on the lips."

Some people however found nothing wrong with the video and claimed it was just an adorable moment of a mother bonding with her son.

"Can we normalize having such relationships with our moms? Your mindset is concerning."

"It depends on age and the relationship you've been having with your mom."

"Better appreciate your mother when she's still around."

"This is the difference between wealth and poverty. If you don't have money, you can't even hug your mother. But if you take it to this extent, it's a death warrant."

What are your thoughts?