Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika appears to have confirmed breakup with her husband Brown Mauzo.

The Socialite shared a post on social media in response to those who claim she is faking breakup for clout.

Vera said she can do anything else but not breakup clout since they are lame and she always has unique ideas anytime she wants to chase clout.

"I always have unique ideas if I wanna chase clout and you all know it ,not this. Please just stop forcing it. Not everything in life revolves around clout."

The reality Tv star said relationships have ups and downs and people breakup. She added that faking breakups for clout attracts negative energy to the relationship.

" One thing about me since the growth from past relationships I have never done this bs. That is why nobody knew when I broke up with Senegalese ex or Tanzanian ex until months later. Clout chasing with fake breakups attracts negative energy in your relationship. That is why I don't do breakup clout. It is like some kind of curse. It's either we broke up or not. Or broke up and later resolved issues. Not break up for clout. It is childish and tiring."

The first sign of trouble arose when Vera removed the "wife" caption from her Instagram bio, leading to speculation about the state of their relationship. Brown Mauzo also deleted all the photos they had together and the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Vera and Mauzo began dating in October 2020. They have been sharing their love on social media until the recent turn of events.