Kenyan musician Otile Brown has fulfilled the promise he made to Kach Gal, the lady who tattooed his name on her chest and dedicated a song to him.

Kach Gal spent the day with Otile's manager, getting ready for her dinner date with the musician.

She had a wonderful time getting a manicure, had her hair done and the musician also bought her a dress.

In a video shared on social media, Otile Brown picked her in his new Range Rover Vogue, embraced her before proceeding to their dinner venue.

Otile Brown had promised to take Kach Gal out on a date after his London trip, to show appreciation after she shared a video on social media after getting a tattoo of Otile Brown's name on her chest. She then released a song dedicated to the musician and confessed her love for him.

Kach Gal shared how her friends had ridiculed her for being a die-hard fan and wasting her time on someone who would never acknowledge her.

Otile Brown was quick to respond, telling Kach not to mind her friends and that he appreciated her love and dedication.