Samidoh Muchoki's wife Edday Nderitu has fueled breakup rumors with her latest move.

The mother of three unfollowed her husband on Instagram Days after Celebrating her birthday.

Edday, who celebrated her birthday on Monday 22nd, did not receive a public wish from her husband.

On mother's day, Samidoh was among those who totally snubbed their partners on social media. Samidoh did not share any special message dedicated to his wife and the mother of his three children Edday Nderitu.

The two have been going through a rough time in marriage after Samidoh's involvement with Nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

Edday’s decision to take her children to the US followed her public expression of pain and frustration surrounding her troubled marriage with Samidoh.

In February 2023, she took to social media to share her side of the story, detailing the hardships she faced in her 15-year marriage.

Edday expressed her unwillingness to raise her children in a polygamous family, especially with a woman who showed no respect for her or her family. She vowed to continue putting God first but would not allow her children to be dragged into an ocean of pain.

It is not clear how long Edday and her children will be in the US however fans have been encouraging her to find love elsewhere and move on.