Bonfire adventures CEO Simon Kabu has awarded a three year old boy with a mastery of Governors and Mps names, a paid trip to Mombasa.

Ethan wa Mercy Muthoni as he introduces himself went viral after a video of him naming Kenyan politicians was shared on social media.

The three-year-old stunned Kenyans with his ability to name the leaders in the country as well as their deputies.

Simon Kabu was impressed by the young boy whose dream is to go to Harvard university. He promised to take Ethan and his mother Mercy Muthoni to Mombasa for a vacation so that he can also experience a plane ride in the process.

Kabu also promised to chip in and help with school fees as well as get his mother a job. He also requested the speaker to take Baby Ethan to parliament so that he can see the leaders in person.

"𝐁𝐚𝐛𝐲 𝐄𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧, 𝟑 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐎𝐥𝐝, 𝐈𝐬 𝐒𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐀 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐮𝐬 And @bonfireadventures Is Happy To Award Him And The Mother This Vacation to Mombasa. We Believe In Naturing Great Minds. We will also chip in kwa his school fees kitty as we try to get the mum a job. For those who wish to reach the mum 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐲 𝐨𝐧 𝟎𝟕𝟐𝟒𝟗𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟐𝟎 #bonfirerewardingheroes."