Felista Nyamathira Njoroge, the college student who received Ksh 102 Million from her Belgian Boyfriend has lost the money to the government.

The high court ruled that the source of the money could not be explained and could be proceeds of money laundering.

Milimani Anti-Corruption Court's Esther Maina explained that Marc De Mesel, the Belgian in question, was handed the chance to explain the source of the monies, but he did not do so.

"I have analysed and gone through the evidence tendered by the boyfriend, and it did not show the source of the funds that were transferred to the Kenyan girlfriend."

Consequently, the court directed the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) to declare the funds as proceeds of crime.

In December 2021, the Asset Recovery Agency ordered the freezing of the funds, which would only be released if Njoroge explained the source of her funds.

The wealthy Belgian businessman also came under scrutiny for transferring Sh257 million to three other Kenyan women: Tabby Wambuku Kago (Sh108 million), Jane Wangui Kago (Sh49 million), and Serah Wambui (Sh100 million).