Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has responded to critics who claim her husband Shakib Lutaaya appears sad in public.

Responding to one fan in Instagram, Zari said her husband only laughs when it is necessary.

"But your husband is not happy, why?" Asked a fan.

"He doesn't laugh for no reason, if you don't see the picture where he laughs then try again." Zari replied.

Another fan asked her, "Why is Shakib always brooding?" Zari without hesitation answered, "He doesn't laugh like a mad man."

The socialite also told another fan who had the same observation that Shakib is a man of few words: "He does not have many words." 

Days ago, socialite Zari Hassan posted several pictures of her hanging out with her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya at a club.

Zari quoted the pictures saying that it is moments like these when she lets herself go with the love of her life.

"The only time ull catch me tripping.... with my husband."

Some fans noticed Shakib's 'sad' face and claimed that he seemed dissatisfied and unhappy with Zari in public.

In March, Zari publicly expressed her love and support for her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, following the controversy surrounding the premiere of the reality TV show Young, Famous and African.

"To my husband… I chose you over everyone. Own it and be proud… Don’t let insecurities ruin what we have… with love, Mrs Lutaaya."

This came after Zari's exboyfriend Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platnumz alleged that she still harbors feelings for him and even expressed a desire to have another child with him.