Paula Kajala is displeased with her father, Tanzanian music producer P Majani meddling in her life.

Paula has a strained relationship with her father P Funk Majani but their fallout has become evident after his comment concerning the reality series 'Behind The Gram,' which follows the lives of Paula and her mother Kajala.

In a phonecall interview with a Tanzanian radio station, P Funk Majani disapproved Paula's feature in the reality show adding that her mother should not expose her like that to the public since she is young and not a celebrity herself.

"They are humiliating that girl. The way she is being exposed is a big issue, and I have repeatedly raised this concern with her mother, but she doesn't take it seriously. She perceives it as fame and is proud of her daughter. She is not an artist, not a public figure. Fame comes from her mother, but she should live a normal life."

The music producer also disowned Paula adding that she does not use his surname but identifies herself as Paula Kajala.

Speaking in an episode of Behind the gram, Paula slammed her father and revealed that his decision to disown her has no effect on her.

The vicenarian explained that she does not respect her father Majani because he always talks negatively about her mother Kajala in the media.

I'm talking about my father. I didn't feel anything because he himself constantly insults my mother in the media," she stated.

The 20-year-old firmly warned her father to stay out of her life, asserting that she is no longer a child he can control as he pleases.

"Actually, you should let me live my life. I am a grown woman now.'