Jalango has dismissed accusations he will use public money to acquire his dream car. The Langata MP had posted his dream car on his Instagram stories and wrote he is working hard to acquire it.

The car is a 2023 Range Rover worth between 30 and 45 million Kenyan shillings depending on the specs. 

Nairobi Gossip Club posted this on Instagram and fans were quick to tell of Jalang'o. One of the fans wrote "enda tu uibe, ati manifestation nkt".

Others had the following to say:

"Lol Politicians manifesting with our money🤣🤣."


"Pesa ya Langataaa yoteee ina enda hapo."

"3% ya housing finance itanunulia hawa Mp hizi RangeRover mingi😅."

Jalango was quick to reply to thise comment and wrote, "haja gani kuiba kitu naweza nunua na channel yangu pale YouTube? si ni bidii tu naweka kwa channel, product placement, watch time, na ma adverts, squeeze backs na monitized content".

He then explained that working with the government does not always translate to money unless you get the very big tenders. According to him, if you get into the government to make money, utasota sana.

"Kufanya kazi Government inakaa ni curse kubwa saana! Immediately you get in everybody sees a thief! Nikama dame anammka asubuhi anafanya job lakini anaambiwa kuna mbaba analipia🤣🤣!!! If you get into politics to make money uta sota mbaya unless you are lucky upate those big tenders za government wich ndio upate wee! CDF kwanza ndio hata usahau! The cdf board controls every coin in the account! Remember you are not even a signatory to the account! You could be more poor in parliament than you were in private practice! Nimeona mtu anasema youtu.be channel cant buy this car! Yes it can ba ubaki na change!! I had monetized my channel on view, i had 7 sponsors in every show away from youtu.be monetized content!! Sanitize!! I just want to mentor and talk to a few youngings wajue how to make money kwa hizi streets!"

Do you agreee with him?