Langata member of parliament Jalango has found himself in a tough position as a leader as well as a content creator.

Speaking in an interview with 2Mbili TV, Jalango said he has been trying to fight for content creators in parliamentary meetings and to convince the government that the 15% withholding tax is too much.

Things have not been easy however since the same content creators he is trying to fight for are putting their lives out there and proving to the world that they are earning alot and are like living luxurious lives.

"I am a content creator and am supposed to fight for fellow content creators to either not pay or give a counteroffer to the government on what they are willing to pay. I talked to my fellow content creators, and they said they are not willing to pay. I told parliament that content creators have no money. But how do I convince them that you are not able to pay tax yet what you show out there is that you are millionaires."

Jalang'o mentioned a few content creators whose names came up in the parliamentary meetings and he couldn't find a way to explain how they don't have money.

" Oga Obinna turned 33 and he announced that he was gifting himself a very small gift, a car that would cost him 7 million. You know how much time it would cost a teacher who is being taxed to afford such a car?"

" Amber Ray claims she spends Ksh 300,000 per day."

"Eric Omondi made more that 10 million last month from content creation. He is doing advertisements for brands."

"Mulamwah is eating githeri in a plate full of one thousand notes and is building a mansion."

" Bahati has an incredible car collection and is working with several brandsand lives in a mega mansion."

"Vincent Mboya who was asking for 18k to pay rent has a brand new car which almost cost a million. He then flaunted wands of cash on social media."

Crazy kennar works with many brands, lives good and drives a luxurious car."

"Sammy Kioko just built his mother a nice house from content creation."

" Mungai Eve has grown from Dandora and is living a good life, nice car, multimillion businesses."

"Nicholas Kioko is holding lavish parties, he just had twins , has a car and is living large."

"Akothee is working with brands and is a millionaire."

"Abel Mutua Just disposed his Mercedes and bought a land Rover discovery a day after."

" Njugush had a full sold out show made so much from TTNT and has built himself a home."

"Kabi wa Jesus is flying all over and just bought his wife a brand new car."

"Butita has a media house, spm buzz with presenters and editors."

" Marwa is building a multi million mansion in his village as he continues to travel the world."

"Khaligraph Jones is putting up a multimillion mansion."

Jalang'o said it is hard for him to convince the panel that content creation does not pay and that content creators are not able to pay taxes. He asked them to come up with a counteroffer on what they are comfortable paying.