Sauti sol band members Savara and Bien claim they do not know who Andrew Kibe is.

Savara said he does not have a clue about who Kibe is on his TikTok live video. While getting his hair done, Savara seemed clueless about who this sensational YouTuber is. "Anafanya media gani? does he do like some dope sh1t?", he asked.

Bien denied knowing Andrew Kibe while talking to Ankaliray via a phone call interview. "Ni msanii anayeimba ama? simjui huyo jamaa", Bien said.

This comes just few days after Kibe narrated about a humbling experience after he was denied a chance to meet with Sauti Sol in Washington DC.

Andrew Kibe was frustrated when Sauti Sol said that they were not interested in meeting him after doing the most to attend their show. This was a 'back to the earth' moment for the content creator who acknowledged that fame can make you overvalue yourself.