Zari Hassan's exboyfriend GK Choppa has sent a message to Shakib Lutaaya days after the socialite branded him 'Fala.'

Sharing on social media, GK Choppa urged men to make sure they have money of their own and they are working hard to provide for themselves, to avoid a situation where women calls them Fala.

PHOTO: GK Choppa's message to Shakib 

"Message to all wanna be like Choppa, make money, avoid to be Fala... And enjoy life to the fullest, and move with your own rules. Just saying."

This comes days after Zari expressed her frustration with husband Shakib, referring to him as a dull person who constantly relies on her for guidance and assistance.

PHOTO: Zari with Shakib 

She shared that Shakib lacks intelligence and whenever they need to apply for visas or other travel documents, she is the one who speaks on their behalf. It seems that Shakib struggles to assert himself and lacks confidence.

In her defence, Zari said that the audio was leaked by a friend after she failed to Grace her event. Zari confirmed that she is the one who recorded the audio and sent it to a UK based promoter known as Lady Naa.

PHOTO: Zari Hassan 

She was informing the promoter to provide a brief to Shakib who acts nervous, whenever they are making international trips.

Zari and GK Choppa broke up last year, barely three months after announcing their relationship in social media.

PHOTO: Zari Hassan with GK Choppa