Kenyan gospel musician Guardian Angel has spoken on his relationship and the secrets of his marriage with Esther Musila.

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Guardian Angel said he is blessed to have met his wife and they are having a good life.

He revealed that he met Esther Musila through a friend and she had requested to meet him after listening to his music. 

PHOTO: Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila 

After interacting for a while he started falling for her and in two weeks time, they had made great progress in their relationship. He however shared that Esther was worried about what people would say due to their age difference but they decided to do what was right for them without caring about what other people would say.

The musician shared that deep down in his heart he knew Esther Musila was the one and in two months time they had already moved in together.

On the question of having children together, Guardian said he is content with the place God has placed him and there is no place written that a marriage is incomplete without children.

Guardian Angel said that children are a pressure from the society and he cannot feel less since his wife has children and he doesn't. He added that they have a life to live and enjoy without pleasing people.

He shared that the society should stop making it look like marriage is only complete with children, since there are couples who have medical issues and cannot have children of their own.

" Don't make those people who can't have children feel less. Maybe some rich people like me don't want children since they have better things to live for. The purpose of marriage is for companionship and helping each other. Wives are not just there to have children. Assuming I married a younger lady and because of one reason or another she failed to conceive, would it be fair to walk away?"

He added that negative people will always have something to say and he would still be trolled even if his wife was younger.

Guardian said he has a good relationship with Esther's children and there is alot of growth involved everytime they meet. Esther Musila has two sons and a daughter.