Esther Musila, the wife to Gospel Musician Guardian Angel,  has revealed submitting her mother’s urine for a pregnancy test while seeking her first employment as a banker.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Esther Musila 

In an open interview with KTN, she revealed that it was a requirement of the bank that she wanted to work on for women to be tested for pregnancy before employment.

When she was applying for a job, she was pregnant with her first child, so she knew she would fail the exam.

Esther recalled travelling from Nakuru to Nairobi with her mother's pee and she successfully got the job as an accountant.

Ms. Musila worked diligently at the bank for six years before making the decision to resign. Her primary motivation was to devote more time to raising her young children, who needed her care and attention. Despite leaving the bank at the young age of 26, she felt the need to have her financial independence and not rely on others for money.

It was after her youngest son joined school that she applied for a job at the United Nations offices in Gigiri, Nairobi and got it.

Initially given a three-month contract, she proved herself invaluable, leading to an extension of her employment. Remarkably, she has continued to serve in the United Nations for the past twenty-two years.

Although Ms. Musila still has twelve years left until her retirement age at the United Nations, she has already contemplated retiring early.