Students have expressed shock after Nigerian Singer Burna Boy's Catchphrase, No evidence You Go Explain Tire, appeared in an exam paper.

The question was posed to 400-level students majoring in the Department of History and International Studies at the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State.

The question posed to the students was: “How does the current popular saying of Nigeria’s music sensation, Burna Boy, ‘no evidence, you go explain tire,’ reflect the nature of history?” 

The phrase, which originated during one of Burna Boy’s live sessions with his fans on Instagram, carries a meaningful message.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Burna Boy's Catchphrase appears in a University Exam Paper 

Burna Boy expressed, “If you don’t succeed, you’ll find yourself tirelessly explaining your efforts. The need to elaborate and justify your attempts arises when there’s no proof that you gave it your all unless you succeed.”

This is proof that the African giant is making an impact not only in the world of music but now also in the academic realm.


The instance highlights how unrelated aspects can spark intellectual discussions and bridge the gap between entertainment and education.