Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has called out Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz for Copying his coffin stage entrance idea.

During his performance at the Wasafi Festival, Diamond Platnumz left fans shocked after entering stage in a coffin.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Diamond Platnumz enters stage in a coffin

The pathway leading to the stage was lit with lanterns and skeletons hang along the way. The pall bearers then proceeded to take the coffin to the stage as sombre music played.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Diamond Platnumz 

The coffin was placed vertically next to other coffins and the bongo star jumped out, started performing and dancers joined him on stage as well.

In 2017, as Khaligraph Jones performed his song Mazishi at the Jameson Connect event, He shocked his fans as a coffin, escorted by ‘pallbearers’ in dark outfits, made its way to the stage after which he emerged out of the coffin and delivered a killer show.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Khaligraph Jones 

At the time of his performance, the 'pallbeares’ made their way on stage, dressed in black outfit.At this point the fans gazed amazed, not knowing what was happening or what to expect. Once the coffin had touched down, Khaligraph Jones emerged, roaring and full of life!

Speaking to the media at the time, Khaligraph Jones said it was the only way to deliver his message.

"I felt that the message I was trying to put across would be better with a casket on set, coz I was trying to give two different sides of the story."

Reacting to Diamond Platnumz's performance, Khaligraph Jones said he did the same six years ago and the OG should be respected.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Khaligraph Jones calls out Diamond Platnumz for Copying his coffin stage entrance idea