Kenyan media personality Oga Obinna has challenged Texas based Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe to a fist fight in an attempt to end their beef.

Obinna challenged the content creator for a fist fight so that they can square out their differences and accord each other the much-needed respect they deserve.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Oga Obinna Challenges Andrew Kibe to a fist fight 

Oga Obinna through his Instagram account posted a poster of a boxing match between Kibe and himself and dared him to accept the fist fight challenge if he is indeed a real man.

According to Oga Obinna, fighting each other as real men is the only way to squash the beef.

Oga Obinna indicated that he is ready to hit the ring against Kibe, should he accept his challenge.

Obinna noted that the date for the mother of all bouts will be announced when Andrew Kibe accepts the challenge.

Oga Obinna and Andrew Kibe have been beefing for some time now. Kibe, in his usual demeanor has been lashing out his whips on Oga Obinna during countless of his YouTube shows.

Andrew Kibe had not yet responded to Oga Obinna’s request.