Langata member of parliament, Jalang'o has rehired his former casual labourer Eli Omundu, an year after he and his colleague Morris Litiema stole money from his car.

In a video shared on social media, Jalang'o said he forgave Eli and decided to hire him back after he apologized for stealing the money.

Eli and Litiema reportedly stole Ksh 2 million from Jalango's car while cleaning it. The two then fled with the money which Jalang'o said was meant for political campaigns.

Immediately, Jalang'o shared the news on social media and asked people to help trace the two.

In August last year, Eli Omundu begged the Langata member of Parliament to hire him back citing difficulties in life now that he was jobless.

Speaking in an interview, Eli pleaded with his former boss to give him his job back since he has children to feed and educate.

At the time, speaking with Mungai Eve, Jalang'o said he had forgiven them but it was hard to take them back even if he wanted to.

He added that he was sorry for the mistake he did which he doesn't intend on repeating.

''They stole money from my house, personally I have forgiven them, I even wanted to bring them back to work but they community where we live, they cannot be allowed in anymore, even if I wanted to, their photos were circulated all over as wanted criminals and the community wouldn't even allow me to rehire them."

Eli said he is sorry for what he did and returned some of the money.