Tanzanian Bongo star Harmonize is no longer single. The musician recently introduced his new Ugandan Girlfriend Laika and the two are so determined to strengthen their young relationship.

In a recent post on social media, Harmonize revealed that they have decided to get matching tattoos in an Attempt to strengthen their bond.


The two have small music tattoos on their necks. Laika is also a musician from Uganda.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Harmonize and his Ugandan Girlfriend Laika get matching tattoos 

Harmonize has been making headlines especially when it comes to relationship matters. He recently released a track, asking Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto to Cheat on her boyfriend Kevin Sowax with him.

Harmonize sparked relationship speculations with Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto after using her photo as his phone's wallpaper.

This came days after he hinted at a breakup with his Rwandan girlfriend Yolo queen (Phiona). 

Harmonize introduced Phiona as his new girlfriend in May this year. He revealed that they were good friends for four years and no girl he has ever dated can compare to her.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Yolo queen ( Phiona)

The musician said long distance was tough and he was single again and back to the streets. He added that he will not invite any woman to his house unless she is the one he intends to marry. He shared that any woman who will be seen with him from now on is either a business partner or a best friend.

Harmonize has however left fans wondering whether he has found the one, after Introducing Laika and getting matching tattoos.