Tracy, the exgirlfriend to Kenyan comedian and content creator Flaqo, has expressed regret breaking up with him.

Tracy shared a post on social media of her  photo with Flaqo, which she captioned as a tbt with someone she thought was the love of her life.

Tracy also said she regrets not staying since she is by herself suffering, instead of enjoying life and travelling the world like Flaqo is doing with his current girlfriend Keranta.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Tracy said their breakup was mutual but she wishes she had stayed in the relationship.

PHOTO | COURTESY: First Photo, Flaqo with his ex Stacy, Second Photo, Flaqo with Keranta

Flaqo publicly introduced Keranta as his girlfriend in February this year, as they celebrated their third anniversary.

The couple shared sweet messages for each other on social media, appreciating the far they have come.

Flaqo celebrated Keranta as the most forgiving and understanding person adding that she is God-given gift.

Keranta on the other hand appreciated her boyfriend as her actual type of person.

In previous interviews, Flaqo always claimed that Keranta was just a friend and they spend most days together since they are under the same management.

Since going public with their relationship, the two have been living a life envied by many with others terming them as couple goals.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Flaqo and Keranta 

Recently, Flaqo expressed his wish for his girlfriend Keranta to spend enough money and enjoy the finer things in life.

Keranta shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and Flaqo where he was complaining that she had spent a very little amount of cash.

Keranta also shared that Flaqo was mad at her recently after she refused to travel first class yet he had sent her enough money.