Mulamwah's exgirlfriend Carol Sonie (Carrol Muthoni) has reacted after Mulamwah and his bestie Ruth K hinted at a possible pregnancy.

Yesterday, Mulamwah hinted that his Bestie Ruth K is pregnant since she has been experiencing morning sickness.

Carol Sonie made a comment that humorously insinuated Mulamwah's impending fatherhood.

In her comment, she insinuated that Mulamwah might become a father, which playfully references their past disputes concerning whether Keilah is Mulamwah's child.

"Keilah is not my kid wamepata mtoto," Carol Sonie wrote.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Carrol Muthoni Reacts to Mulamwah and Ruth K 's Pregnancy Announcement

In a previous interview with Kioko, Carol had mentioned that she did not want to discuss co-parenting issues with Mulamwah, as they had moved on from that phase.

She emphasised that what matters most is the well-being of their daughter, Keilah, and stated that asking the right questions was crucial.

"I feel like the person should be asked the right questions. We all saw that ali deny mtoto wake. It's going to be okay if you ask him the right questions. Like for example is Keilah your kid?

Asked about her truth about the paternity of Keilah, Carol said, "My kid was denied. How am I supposed to answer that? Haven't you seen her? How does she look? Go back in time, look at how she looks, and you'll find the answer."

Last year, Mulamwah took to his Instagram to disclose that Carol had been cheating on him. Adding that she had previously conducted an abortion. Because she was pregnant with another man’s baby. 

Through his official Instagram account, Mulamwah publicly denied his daughter Keilah.

Keilah is NOT my kid! He wrote.

The Instagram power couple broke up in December 2021 and went ahead to air their dirty linen in public.