Kenyan content creator and social media influencer Keranta has revealed that her boyfriend, Kenyan comedian Flaqo, (Mama Otis) does his best to make sure she lives the best life.

On Instagram, Keranta shared that she has already received her monthly girlfriend allowance which ranges from Ksh 60K to 100K.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Flaqo and his girlfriend Keranta

The amount which her man sends her is meant for daily expenses and upkeep.

PHOTO | COURTESY: Keranta Reveals Flaqo Gives Her a Monthly Girlfriend Allowance of Ksh 60K to 100K

Early this month, Keranta celebrated her 22nd birthday and Flaqo went out of his way to surprise her with a brand new Nissan Note.

In a video shared on social media, Flaqo took his girlfriend to where the car was. He went ahead to inform her that it was her birthday gift as he handed her the car keys.

In May, Keranta shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and Flaqo where he was complaining that she had spent a very little amount of cash.

According to the messages, Keranta had ordered food worth Ksh 300 and Flaqo was hesitant to pay since the amount was too little. He asked her to go back and send him a proper bill.

Keranta also shared that Flaqo was mad at her recently after she refused to travel first class yet he had sent her enough money.

The couple confirmed their relationship in February this year as they celebrated their third anniversary.