Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia have been friends for a long time to a point where they claimed they were siblings. Their friendship thrived and were always present at each other's events.

They shared a special bond, and their journey together was an inspiration to many. Their fans enjoyed the content they created, the pictures they took together and their support for each other.

In the recent past the two seem to have drifted apart based on their minimal interactions and presence whenever one of them has an occasion.

Rumors of a possible grudge between the two women have raised eyebrows and captured the attention of their fans.

The speculations of their drift began in July after fans noticed they were no longer creating content together.

They posted a video together, seemingly to assure their fans that everything was okay between them.

Last month, the two friends again caught the public's attention when Jackie Matubia was absent from Milly Chebby's traditional wedding.

In response, Jackie Matubia did not shy away from revealing that she is not in good terms with the couple. The Actress shared that she did not attend the ceremony since they told her she has an evil heart and also that she doesn't have a husband.

At the end of the month, the two unfollowed each other on Instagram, a significant move in today's digital age that often symbolises a rupture in relationships.

In response to the rumors, Milly Chebby stepped forward to clarify the situation. She expressed that she was unaware of any move to unfollow each other on the platform.

Milly assured her fans that she would promptly confirm whether Jackie had indeed unfollowed her.

She concluded by suggesting that this phase in their friendship was just another season in life, similar to the ups and downs that everyone experiences.

"Wacha I go confirm, its called seasons of life very normal. It is well."